Monday, August 6, 2007

Finally feeling a bit back to normal!

I don't know how to describe this last week except bittersweet. My son has been gone one week tomorrow! This week was the longest week ever. I find myself counting ahead three hours and wondering just what he is doing. I know he is in good hands! That isn't an issue with me. I know that God will watch over him and protect him. I just miss him. He has always been such a tease and now that is gone! I went through his room and boxed up the last of his stuff (he didn't get it all done), vacuumed, washed his sheets. His room is bare! He will be able to email us either tomorrow or Wednesday! I am living for the email! I wanted to stamp last week, but (sigh) didn't have it in me. I have a list of a bunch of Dirty Dare challenges sitting on my desk just waiting for me to get motivated! I will stamp this week!

The countdown has begun! I can't count two years in days as it seems huge to me right now! I have chosen to count it down in Sunday's. Only 103 Sunday's left and I will be reunited with my boy! It will for sure sound better once it's under 100! Have a great day and enjoy the possibilities. Check back, I hope to have something stamped today!


Wife2TJ said...

I can imagine you are really missing him. Hope you hear from him soon1

Anonymous said...

Susan said... I know what it is to miss your children and to pray everday they will return safely. My one son returned from Kuwait and one from Iraq. Also a daughter-in-law from Iraq.

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