Friday, December 29, 2006

Surprise gift from Shelli!

I love Stampin'Up! Shelli, the founder, decided to give us a gift of a stamp set. This set is going to be in the new spring mini! I love it. It is so cute. I love the little flower and love the paisley stamp. It is called Polka dots and Paisley! I love the word stamp that says "find joy in the little things" I am totally finding joy in this set. It was wonderful of Stampin'Up! to appreciate its demonstrators and give us a new set! There is a thread over at SCS about Thanking Shelli for this gift. This card was made by me, as a Thank you to Shelli for her generosity in sending this wonderful surprise! It will be off in the mail to her tomorrow. Thank you Shelli and Stampin'Up! for caring about your demonstrators. We love you! This set is copyrighted by Stampin'Up!
I used buckaroo blue as my base. I stamped the paisley in chocolate chip and used a white gel pen to add the polka dots. The brown strip was stamped with craft white. I used stickles on the flower after stamping it with cranberry crisp ink. I sponged the edges of the card and the words with chocolate chip. I used my giga scallop punch in cranberry crisp and sponged it with chocolate chip as well. I added a little brad to the bottom of the flower. I finished with SU grosgrain in chocolate and stitched ribbon in cranberry for my final touches. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cuttlebug fun!

I am having so much fun with my new Cuttlebug! I made Happy New Year cards today just so I could play with my bug! I used bashful blue paper and embossed it with the snowflake folder. I used white craft to white up the snowflakes. I stamped my inky antics snowman with basic black and used prismacolor pencils and gamsol to color. I put stickles on the falling snowflakes and under the snowman. I used my snap stamps for the Happy New Year. I used the asterisks die for my cuttlebug to make the white flakes. I stapled a little blue gingham ribbon from SU. I used white fiber from Walmart for my ribbon on the side. I hope you enjoy him! I can't quite looking at it and touching the embossing! I am in love!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas was wonderful. I had so much fun playing with my beautiful Granddaughter. She was so much fun this year. She figured out how to unwrap gifts and loved every minute of it. She payed alot of attention to detail. If there was a piece of tape on something she had to take it off. Grandpa took her outside on the sled and they played and played and played. She would drag her hand along side her sled and grab snow and eat it. Too cute! I also got a cuttlebug for Christmas! I am so excited to play with it. I have been sitting here this afternoon just running scrap cardstock through it to see what cool things it does. Tomorrow, I will have to get creating with it! If you don't know what a cuttlebug is look here: So cool! My hubby and I also received a gift certificate for Destinations Inn. We can't wait to take advantage of that one! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and all of you have an Awesome New Year!

Ball Drop

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas! (ok so it's early, but it feels like Christmas) I made this card today for a couple of friends here in our ward. I used inky antics stamps and some SU. I hope you like it! Think of it as your Christmas card internet style!


Monday, December 18, 2006

I guess I am not very good at updating this. I get so busy with Mykl and life. They decided to total Jacob's car. They will let us keep the car if we pay them the junk car fee which is like $130. It is still in our best interest to keep the car. So I guess we will do that and fix his lights with the money they pay us. We will put the rest in Jacob's mission fund.

I have all of Christmas bought and wrapped. I need to finish stuff for our parents. I need to get it in gear! I have been sick with the flu over the weekend and still don't feel all better. I hope it passes soon so I can finish my Christmas stuff. I decided to send cards to those that sent to me this year as it is exhausting to try and send a ton of cards so far I only have 4 so it looks like I won't be doing many. I don't have any beautiful cards as of late, so I will post a pic of the pretty sunset I took a couple of weeks ago.
Have a nice week everyone!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I am having a hard week. My kitty that we have had for almost 18 years has been sick for a while now. She has always been tiny, but lost some weight. She has been sleeping lots for a long time now. On Monday I could tell that I was losing her. I kept checking on her on Monday night and about 10:00 went in and picked her up in a blanket. I just sat there and cried and told her it was ok to go. I had said a few prayers earlier in the day and asked Heavenly Father to just take her so she didn't suffer. She acted like she was trying to talk to me. She would just open her mouth, but nothing would come out. I told her I loved her and it was ok. I told her just to close her eyes and sleep. All evening her little body had a slight twitch to it. She passed at 10:30 pm. My husband had already dug a hole for her grave in the backyard over the weekend as I knew we didn't have much time left. I figured it would be easier than digging frozen ground and I knew we had a cold snap coming. We wrapped her in a blanket and buried her. I am going to try and do something for a marker for her grave in the spring. Until then we just covered it with a board and tarp to keep our dog from digging her up. I am happy that she doesn't hurt anymore. It is just hard when your pets become family members and then you lose them.

I got my tree put back up and decorated. As soon as the decorations were fixed again 3/4 of the lights went out. These lights are new! Grrrrrrrr...... My husband got all but one section of it lit again. We are going to have to fiddle with it to get the rest to work.

Yesterday, my son called from school. He was going to go pay a couple of bills for me after school. Instead he said "Mom, I can't go pay your bills. I asked why and he said he hated stupid teenagers. Someone came flying around a corner in the parking lot (covered in ice) and slid into him. We just got this car fixed yesterday! We purchased it a few weeks ago and then he started having problems with it shifting. I told him not to drive it until we had it fixed. We contacted the kid who sold it to him and he just ignored our calls! I had him take it to the school and see if the auto shop kids could figure it out. They were saying that it would cost about 150 to 200 dollars. Well the shop teacher decided it was just a clutch cable. The accident did damage to the front drivers side and the back on the drivers side. When the kid hit him, it slid and then hit the back too. Not much damage actually! The officer said maybe 1800$. The other kid wasn't so lucky! I bet his parents were happy last night. Our insurance man told us that his insurance should cover it since it was his fault. If the damage is more than the car is worth, they will just pay us for the value of the car. I kinda hope that is what happens. Jacob can just take it to school and have them fix the damage and it won't cost too much for parts! He is having some pain in his neck and has an appointment with the Chiro tomorrow! We just need this car to last for a few months so we can get him on a mission next summer! I didn't mean for this to become a book! Have a nice night!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas decorations gone bad!

I love to put my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving! I am a light freak! I have a real hard time taking down my tree after Christmas, because quite frankly, I love the lights. I also enjoy collecting nativity sets. I put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving as usual. I babysit my sweet Grandaughter about 5 days a week. This morning was no exception. I told her she couldn't touch the tree. She played with her toys all morning! No problem, until I turned my back for a couple of seconds. She took a couple of decorations off, then proceeded to tip my tree over, breaking the plastic at the bottom that holds it up! My tree is now laying on the floor in a heap just waiting for some kind soul to find something for it to stand up in! I was in tears. I really didn't like the way it was decorated and was planning to go purchase more gold to put on it later today! Gotta love her!

I also want to post my turkey card. He is nothing wonderful, but I finally got a few seconds to stamp and just threw him together. He is from Inky Antics. Enjoy!

Friday, November 24, 2006

K, so the first one was a test!

Manger I had to see if I could really do it! My first post is a success! So big goal for today clean up the stamp room and start puting out my Christmas decorations starting with the tree. It seems like so much work! Oh, and I want to post my cute little card I did a couple of days ago. It was one of those I need to stamp, but don't have much time cards. It helped to put my mind on play for a little while. Not the greatest creation, but it turned out kinda cute! I have work to do, so later.

So I finally did it!

I finally broke down and started a blog! I need somewhere where I can journal and to share what I love. Stamping is my number 1 destressor. I just wish I had more time to do it! I have been a demonstrator coming on 10 years now. I love to create. I have done lots of crafts through the years, but they all added up to more clutter in my home. (Heee hee like stamping doesn't, you should see my stamp room right now!) I love that I can get creative with paper and then share it with others. My passions right now are stamping, children with cancer (trying to figure out where I fit in with that and where I can be helpful), and my Grandaughter who is the love of my life !

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