Monday, December 18, 2006

I guess I am not very good at updating this. I get so busy with Mykl and life. They decided to total Jacob's car. They will let us keep the car if we pay them the junk car fee which is like $130. It is still in our best interest to keep the car. So I guess we will do that and fix his lights with the money they pay us. We will put the rest in Jacob's mission fund.

I have all of Christmas bought and wrapped. I need to finish stuff for our parents. I need to get it in gear! I have been sick with the flu over the weekend and still don't feel all better. I hope it passes soon so I can finish my Christmas stuff. I decided to send cards to those that sent to me this year as it is exhausting to try and send a ton of cards so far I only have 4 so it looks like I won't be doing many. I don't have any beautiful cards as of late, so I will post a pic of the pretty sunset I took a couple of weeks ago.
Have a nice week everyone!

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