Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am still here

I am just busy. I do have some stuff I am working on and when it is done I will get it up. I will try to have something here this afternoon. My sweet granddaughter is learning so much that my time is getting squished even more. She learned to climb the gate that I use to keep her contained in one area! Yikes! We will adjust, but she now has more freedom to get to places that I would rather her not be in. She was so fun this past weekend. She found out that I was going in nursery at church and wanted to come too. She spent the night Saturday night and we had a munchy crunch party. We made sticky popcorn and watched movies. She had a blast in nursery and let's just say she is learning to share. Hee heee. Well she is not here yet, so I better get some stuff done before she gets here. Have a great day and enjoy the possibilities. I am going to give you a hint at what I am working on. Can we say pink and chocolate? ;)


Marilyn said...

I had to laugh reading your post - I remember those days with my kids, you never have a peaceful moment while they're awake because you're trying to keep up with them! Busy busy busy and yet they are so much fun at the same time! Can't wait to see what you're up to - pink and chocolate - my favorite!! Glad to hear your okay - just busy! HUGS!

Rosella said...

Glad to see you around! Looking forward to your pink and chocolate creation. Sounds YUMMY!

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