Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last post for today.... NYC/Pennsylvania

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All the pics are in here in the wrong order so I will just explain each. We make this annual trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania for a trucking trade show for my husband's work. We adore Lancaster and the Amish country. It is so amazing to feel like we have stepped back in time. Love it!!! After the show is over we usually drive to NYC and take in a couple Broadway shows and just play for a couple days. Our Saturday NYC experience this year was so amazing. We loved the whole day. Sorry for so many pics but I want to remember each experience we had this trip. So starting at the end (haa haa)........

On Friday night we saw the Adams Family. We have seen many Broadway shows and it was ok for us but not a highlight. Our favs are The Lion King, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Little Mermaid, Mama Mia and now Mary Poppins!!! It was AMAZING!!!! We have never sat so close. We were in the second row, front and center. We could see in the orchestra pit. It was so cool. Loved it!!! ♥♥♥
Dinner was before the show and we went to one of my favorite places, Bubba Gumps. This is a shot out the window looking out at Good Morning America from our table. Seriously my favorite seating in the whole place. I had steamed crab legs and for dessert we shared key lime pie. Hubby had a sirloin. It was an amazing relaxing dinner. I love how the Bubba Gumps light up sign reflected off the window in this pic. I didn't even notice until I uploaded my pics. :) ♥♥♥
While we waited for dinner we found a chair in Times square and people watched. This was one of my favorite people I saw, ;) Captain Jack Sparrow on the Toys R Us store. Hee hee There were a few people with signs that said free hugs and we had an enjoyable hour or so watching them interact with people while we waited for our tummies to get hungry.
Uber cool jewelry store in SoHo. I loved how the fabric was all scrunchy on the walls and the zebra floor. It was fun.
Fish market in China Town. We had never walked around on the street here before so it was way cool to get up close. We saw tubs of live crabs, and even live frogs. It was a fun experience.
My new fav place in Little Italy!!! I ♥ gelato! I have never had it and it was amazing!!! We will definitely go back next year. Yummmmyyyy!!
Having lunch on the sidewalk in Little Italy. Hubby was serious about getting some yummy food in his tummy. We decided to share lunch so we would have room for the gelato and cannoli later. It was a good choice. We had some yummy meatballs for an appetizer and then some penne pasta with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms. It was so good. There was a guy who sits out there on the street and calls out to the people passing by. He would say things like "Hey lovely lady come have lunch in the garden". It was so fun and probably the closest we will ever get to Italy. One can dream right?
Before heading to Little Italy we hopped on the subway from our hotel and headed to ground zero. With the recent happenings in our country, of finally getting Bin Laden, we decided to pay another visit and see the progress on the rebuilding going on. It is coming along nicely and I will never ever forget the first visit we made there just a year after 9-11. It is nice to go there and reflect and pray for those who lost loved ones. It is going to be a really nice place when they are finished with the building.
This is the Back to The Future car. Hee hee the theme of the trucking show was Back to The Future and they brought in the car. We had our pic taken next to it. It was cool to see the smoke coming out of it from time to time. Kinda fun.
Our first stop when landing in Philadelphia is usually to head for my Hubby's favorite Philly cheese steak joint. Campo's!!!! We landed and barely had time to make it to our first ever Philly's game. Lynette texted us and let us know that they had Campo's at the ballpark. We just headed there and had our first cheese steak there. I have to say we like the restaurant better but it wasn't bad. Hubby was in heaven and even though I am not much into sports I enjoyed the experience. Shhh don't tell anyone I crocheted dish clothes through the whole game.
There you have it, our trip in backwards order. It was super fun and we really enjoyed the break from the nasty Idaho weather we have had forever. I hope you enjoyed the play by play. Have a great day and enjoy the possibilities.

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