Saturday, September 29, 2007


I have been asked about my camera work. I am using a Fujifilm S5000 camera. I have had it for 4 or 5 years and love it! I usually try to photograph in natural light. If it is night time then I just use my natural light I bought at Sam's Club. It was way cheaper than the Ott light and works just fine. I keep it on my stamp table and use it all the time. I usually just set up my kitchen table for the shots and take my pictures there because I have glass sliding doors and there is lots of light. I set my camera on the close up mode. That gets rid of blurriness. Nothing fancy. I love digital photography cause you can practice all you want and don't waste film. There are lots of photography ideas on other peoples blogs. I just experiment. Have a great day and I hope to have something stamped for you tonight!

Oh before I forget, I have decided to remove the top 50 from my blog. I don't need the pressure. I have backed off on the stamping just a bit. I want to keep it fun. I want to do it because it makes me happy! I love what I do and I really truly need to keep this outlet fun. I don't need the stress of trying to impress others.

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