Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am home finally

What a week! We had a trade show for my husband's business back in Iowa this past week. We went a few days ahead of the show and spent 2 days in Nauvoo Illinois. What and incredible beautiful time we spent there. I don't have a lot of time right now to tell about it, but watch as I have the most beautiful picture ever to add. It probably won't happen until tomorrow. We were supposed to be home Thursday night, but there was a tornado in Minneapolis that set us back 24 hours. We finally were allowed to go to Minneapolis Thursday night 5 hours after we were supposed to have left. We didn't hit a pillow until 2:00 in the morning. Then we had an entire day to kill waiting to get the next flight home. Last night I hit the pillow at 1:00 in the morning. I am getting to old to do that 2 nights in a row. When I got home I had this wonderful box from Ellen Hutson! Woo hoo, my nestabilities are in the house. I have a Mary Kay open house today at my home and wasn't home to clean. So it is with a big frown that I go clean and get ready for that instead of playing. My daughter did come over and help me with some of it. I am so grateful. I still have loads to be done before 2. Check back in the next few days as I have tons of ideas for these babies. I love them already! I did hurry and try them in my cuttlebug and they are so worth every penny! Have a great day and enjoy the possibilities!

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