Thursday, November 8, 2007

I have been tagged

Alana my new friend I found at SCS tagged me. Her website is here:

1. If you could have 100.00 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose? Probably embellisments. I am totally into layers and adding cute stuff as you can see in my work!

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or ribbons, which would you choose? Um stamps! It would look pretty dorky with only ribbon.

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts but could only do one for a whole year…which would you do? Cards! I am not on the layout kick right now!

4. Would you rather own a scrap booking store or have your own scrapping room at home…(can’t have both he he he). For sure my dream stamp room without clutter all organized and purty!

5. What is your CURRENT card making or scrapping style? I am for sure a layer and texture girl!

Now, I got a surprise day off today! I should really be working on a quilt I am making for a sweet girl! I have been searching the internet for a modest and great swimsuit for our family vacation. Why do I always wait til the last minute? I found a real cute one , but alas it is going to cost an arm and a leg to get it here plus it is really $$$$$$$$. It is cute and would cover me up though! Decisions decisions! I might just go stamp! Hee hee!

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Alana said...


I have a spot for you to join the Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers (group 1). I created a special blog to organize it.

Hurry on over. I really want you in my group! I even reserved a spot for you!

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