Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My trip!

Hi everyone I am back! We had an incredible week. My husband works as operations manager for a large truck stop and they have a trucking show in Lancaster Pennsylvania every spring. This company flies us back and we attend the show and then stay a few days longer and play. First off let me tell you I love the Amish country! It is my favorite and I will never tire of being there. You people in Pennsylvania are so lucky to have the beauty of your state. We don't have many trees back in Idaho and what we do have is mostly pine trees. I am amazed every time I go back east and see the gazillions of trees! Idaho has its beauty as well by the way! ;)

When the trucking show was over we headed to New York City. This is our 4th trip there and although I wouldn't want to live there, I love exploring all there is to see. Our first night was our first time to see Wicked! Can I just tell you it rivaled The Lion King in my favorites! I will never look at the Wizard of Oz the same way again. We have tried to get tickets for a couple of years now and they were so expensive that we held off. I can't wait to see it again! The next night we happened to snag tickets for The Pirate Queen. That was incredible as well.

We then headed to Palmyra to visit the Sacred Grove and the Hill Cummorah! When we drove into the area the sun was setting so we went to the Hill Cummorah and watched the sunset. It was incredibly amazing and indescribable. Sunday morning we attended church and then headed for the Sacred Grove. It was very spiritual for us as we believe this is where our prophet Joseph Smith saw God and his son Jesus Christ. We wandered around for a really long time and didn't see other people as we were in the grove. It was a wonderful experience as we took our son who has received his mission call to serve in Brazil, Porto Alegre south mission later this summer. When our young men turn 19 they have an opportunity to serve the Lord for two years as a missionary. This is our first missionary and it is bittersweet. We are thrilled about his choice! The Mom in me makes me want to stow away in his suitcase just so I can make sure he is ok. They have a mission president and his wife who will be there to watch over him and with the Lord on his side I know he will be watched over.

For the final leg of our trip we headed back to Philadelphia which is where my husband served his mission. We toured the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The highlight of Philly for my husband is always his stops to Campo's on Market street to get his yearly fix of Philly Cheese steak. He even has them freeze some and we bring them home! We also had an opportunity to walk over to Penn's Landing a view a beautiful military ship that was there. They had been giving tours earlier, but unfortunately we missed that.

Well my friends it feels wonderful to be home and off those planes. I can't wait to stamp and have some new paper sitting here calling my name. I hope to play a little today! ;) Have a great week and check back. I will post a few pics from the trip in a little while.

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