Thursday, April 26, 2007

I have been tagged! Wendy over at tagged me. Check out her blog. So now I will try and give you 7 facts about me.
1. When I was growing up I hated pizza! What kid hates pizza? I did love shrimp though and my parents would order pizza with shrimp on it. I finally learned to like it. Still don't care for peperoni though.
2. I used to chew my fingernails. Yucky! I finally put on fake ones and left them on for a long time so I wouldn't chew. I still have trouble, if I chew even one I have a hard time leaving it alone.
3. My father was killed in a car accident when I was 4 years old.
4. I love cats! I have had at least one pretty much my entire life. My kitty I have now was rescued by a neighbor. He wasn't even 6 weeks old and he had a huge chunk out of his back and his eyes were glued shut. She nursed him back to health and then he came to live with me. His name is Quasimodo (Quasi) and he has extra toes on his paws.
5. I used to hate country music to the point of sitting in the back seat with my ears plugged so I didn't have to listen to my parents yucky country stuff! Along came Brad Paisley and now I love it. Can we say Yummy! I still don't like the old stuff though! ;)
6. I have been a Stampin'Up! demonstrator for 10 years! I love stamping, it is my stress reliever. I try to stamp every day!
7. We have had chickens, pigs, a goat, rabbits, two ferrets, several dogs, numerous cats, fish, birds, a turtle. Hmmmmm... basically a farm. We live on one acre of land and we loved having lots of responsibilities for the kids when they were younger to keep them busy!
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Have a great day everyone and I hope to stamp today! It has been a crazy few days around here with getting a missionary ready and my Anniversary and babysitting sweet granddaughter!

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