Thursday, July 19, 2007

Answers to questions

I am answering these questions here because there may be a lot of other people out there with similar questions.

"Sandi said...
Lesa,I just ran across your site while googling "photo corner punch". Your work is gorgeous!! I saw Prima photo corner punch references in another site but cannot locate it. I was wondering if you would share where you found yours and who makes it. Also you mention your create-a-cut scallop cutter...who makes that and where did you find it? Also, the flower stamp on this it a "Stampin' Up" stamp?I am new to Scrapbooking and am trying to find all the great tools to use. I make lots of handmade greeting cards many years ago (15+..I'm telling my age!!!), but had to handmake all my own patterns back then (truly handmade!!!). I would appreciate any help you can give me...and I will keep stopping back here to see your beautiful work)Thanks, "

Sandi I appreciate your comments. Yes Stampin'Up! made the photo corner punch I used in my samples. I love this thing, it is huge and has two sizes of photo corners, a really big one and a medium sized one! The price in the us catalog is 15.95$.

The create-a-cut is a trickier question however. Ellen Hutson used to sell them and no longer does. I have a sneaky suspicion I got one of the last ones she sold. It is a wonderful (yet pricey) tool. Ellen mentioned on her blog that she didn't even know if they were sold anywhere else. I know there were a couple on ebay a couple of days ago. You can see what it is and what it does here though:

The flower stamp I used on the card is Stampin'Up! It is from the new Fall and Winter collection and is called Priceless. It runs for $25.95 in the US catalog. Cute huh? I love that little flower.
Animated Hearts

Sandi, I thank you for your questions and if you have any others please let me know. I will try and get something new on here later today. Woke up with a headache and have a gazillion things to do to get my missionary ready to leave for Brazil. He leaves in 13 short days and I am trying to enjoy every second I have with him before they are gone. (Gotta share my time with his girlfriend though! Hee hee) He is so excited and can't wait to get on with the Lord's work! He is going to be an incredible missionary. I am so proud of him. Two years is a long time to let your child leave your side but I know he will be doing incredible work and be in good hands. He will leave yet a boy and come home a man. Now on with my day before I become a blubbering fool! Have a great one!

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Sandi said...

Thanks for all the great info Lesa..already found and bought the ribbon stamp, found the flower stamp in the online catalog, but you are right...can't find the create-a-cut. Will watch ebay.

Enjoy your time with your must be very proud of him. Thanks again!!!

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