Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

My Granddaughter is here today! We are playing for now. If I can get her to nap this afternoon I will try and stamp something. Stay tuned!

I have been gathering all the paperwork for my son to take with him on his mission. He needs lots of stuff! I think I have everything in one spot now. His coat is at the cleaners and will be ready to pick up Thursday. We are still waiting for the church to send his passport and visa. I am getting a little nervous about that one as we were expecting it last week. He is spending the day with his girlfriend and has lots of fun things planned for today. I can't believe one week from now he will be on the plane heading for Brazil! I am trying to stay busy so I don't think about it too much! Hee hee, must be the Mom in me! ;) It's all good. At least I know he is going to be in God's hands for the next two years. He will be well taken care of.

I hope to have something fun on here by tonight, feel free to drop back by.

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