Sunday, January 7, 2007

A few people at SCS have been asking if the BISK will work well with the cuttlebug. These images are made with the BISK. The first one in pink is using a fiskars texture plate. The second and fourth ones are using the BISK texture plates. The green one is using a brass template from Stampin'Up! I did find that it gives the best impression if I lightly spritz my cardstock with water first.

The sandwich order that I put on the fiskars texture plate is as follows:

Plate A, Fiskars texture plate, spritzed cs, black rubber bisk pad, c plate

The sandwich order for the brass stencil is as follows:

Plate A, plateB, stencil, spritzed cs, black rubber bisk pad, black bisk plate

I hope that helps some of you! Have a great night!


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SharonK said...

Thank you MUCHLY for sharing this. I haven't had a chance to play with my BUG yet.

I was REALLY hoping the Fiskars texture plates would work with the BUG. I like the BUG folders, but I'm getting overloaded seeing card after card of the same background designs even though the cards are gorgeous.

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