Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stamping day and Cuttlebugmania!

I finally got a stamp day! I mounted the rest of my stamps from my sellabration order and then I just played with new toys! What a joy!
Big Smiley I am thrilled with my new cuttlebug and actually got to use it for some creations today. I don't know what I ever did without it. It is so fun to be able to use toys that are not Stampin'Up!. I love Stampin'Up! don't get me wrong, but in the last 10 years that is all I have used. I couldn't make something with a contraband, because what if someone wanted to buy something. I haven't had tons of sales. It is kinda funny too, cause I am getting my first recruit! A friend moved to another state and she and her daughter have finally figured out that stamping is for them. They don't have a lot of options store wise where they live. She wants to be a demo so she can acquire a pile of stuff to play with! Ha ha!
So with that said my pic of the day is a journal I made for my son's Girlfriend. She loved it. He picked out the paper and I just started cutting it up and modpodging it to the composition notebook. To decorate it, I used my cuttlebug. I used red tag sale alphabet to cut out a cracker box left over from the holidays. Each letter was cut out 3 times and then glued together with the modpodge. I then cut out the letters with the paper to match the journal. I glued that as well with modpodge. I sanded it to make it look aged. I used the asterisks die to cut the flowers. I added bling to each flower with a little crystal. She loves her journal! Enjoy! I will post tomorrow some of the other fun things I made! It makes me wanna stamp again today!
I am also adding my cute little fishie card! Enjoy him.

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One middle aged designing woman said...

these are so cute! I am wondering what are the "bisks" that everyone keeps talking about? I can't find anything by searching on GOOGLE.... I have a cuttlebug!!

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