Saturday, January 20, 2007

Not to be a downer....

, but I just wanted to add a little to my yesterday's post! There is a beautiful young mother in Colorado who is very bravely battling breast cancer. Please add her to your prayers as well. She is such a fighter and she is going to beat this ugly beast! After reading her blog this morning I have decided that one thing to help these wonderful people is with positive thoughts and stories! They need people around them to be upbeat and postive. Hugs to you Eliza! Check out her blog here:

I didn't get to stamp yesterday. I had a busy day. My throat still hurts and my ears are feeling it too! My boys (Hubby included) went to Utah today to a hunting and fishing expo. I hope they have a fun and safe trip. My daughter Andrea and her husband Justin just rented a house yesterday! They will now have more room which will be excellent for them! Mykl showed me her room! She got a little confused at first and showed me Mommy and Daddys room. Hee hee! When she took me in her room she closed the door! What a doll. She also got big girl panties this week! I turned around for like 5 seconds on Thursday and she got them out of her diaper bag and put them on her head! She also found her "baby" (how she says it) binky and put that in her mouth. She is so funny! Have a great weekend everyone! I will try and get some stamping done and post pics! Winky

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