Friday, January 19, 2007

So very sad!

At the very beginning of my blog, I mentioned that I had a passion for cancer kids. I still have no idea where I can be of help to them. After watching about 6 of them die in the last six months my heart is broken. I am asking anyone who reads this to say a prayer for these kids. Donovan in particular, as his parents just received the absolute worst news a parent can hear. He is not expected to last through the weekend. I hate cancer and I hate what it is doing to these poor innocent children. It breaks my heart!
Penelope is another sweet little girl who has no hope left. They are grasping at straws just trying to save their little girl.
Also, please say a prayer for Mia's family. They are devastated!
Jake was the first child that I found and he still melts my heart when I see his sweet smile. The day he passed, I just sat here in tears. His family is doing all they can to help others remember him. Jake, I know you are happy in Heaven!
Maybe for now just passing on these few names will help people see that there is a need out there for a cure for cancer. There is tons more research done in adult cancer than for children's. I don't understand this! Why would there not be more for children's cancer research. It is my hope that people will wake up and do what they can to help fund cancer research for children. St. Judes is a perfect place to start!
Have a great weekend everyone and hug your children just a little tighter and a little longer. Most importantly Believe!

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