Friday, March 16, 2007

Sheepish grin.....

Ok so why do I have a sheepish grin? I kinda got busy and didn't draw last night. Please forgive me. I am always home in the evening, cept last night. So the winner is: Jana Weaver said...
"Wow! 10 years...that's fantastic. I'm at 3 years and lovin' it!! :-)Here's to another 10 years!! -Jana" Congratulations Jana! I tried to pick some fun stuff for you and I didn't get any pics, so I hope you like surprises! Send me your address at and I will get it in the mail to you.

I had questions in my comments about what exactly Stampin'Up! does for the ten year anniversary. I have earned my 10 year pin. The five year had a little diamond in it. I think the ten year is two! If I go to convention this summer, I get to walk across the stage to get my pin. If you don't go, they send it to you. I also had questions about probably having lots of stuff, Um......You can never have too much right? Yes I have built quite a collection over the years. Foodpartyfun mentioned that I have probably seen lots of changes over the years. Actually tons, some good and some not so good. I love Stampin'Up! and I wanna be there forever. Is that possible, we will see. I am mostly a hobby demo, and at times when I think I can't hang on much longer, something happens and I am still here. V mentioned that she would love to see my stamp room, it is a work in progress and over the years I have tried to add to it. I am in the process of revamping and in all honesty, it is nothing special. But and that is with a capital B, I love that I have my own room and I can shut the door on the mess. I love to be there and try to get in there every day so I can practice and get better at what I do.

I posted before I was done talking. Jan Scholl said that a ten year marriage is pretty long these days, well next month I am celebrating a pretty big anniversary to my sweetheart as well, 25 years! I will probably do something fun then too, so watch for that.
Thanks everyone for your wonderful wishes. I have really enjoyed reading each and every comment. I stamped yesterday, but am not totally loving it yet, so I will continue to play and hopefully have something new up soon! Have a wonderful Friday!

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Congrats again for the 10th anniversary with the company. More importantly, congrats on a 25 year union with you husband. You two must love and cherish one another so much. Feel free to share your marriage tricks and tips too!

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